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That meant transferring people over to the new firm who got job offers and eliminating jobs when it became obvious that a certain position was no longer needed. The biggest effort went into transferring our data. By June of 2002 I knew that my job was nearly finished so I handed in my notice saying that I would be leaving the firm on August 31, 2002.

So I did, and received a financial and benefits package that made me feel secure. Shortly thereafter it occurred to me that I wanted to become a Silva Method instructor. I inquired, completed all the prerequisites and went off to Miami, Florida for the 11-day training. This was in May of 2003. In August of 2003 I had my first 2-day Silva Method Basic Level Series seminar with twenty people attending. While I was nervous, I got through the two days knowing that this is what I want to do and need to do. Since then I have held several seminars and am getting "better and better".

My purpose is to introduce the Silva Method to as many people as possible in the New York Metropolitan area. I truly believe in its effectiveness, in its genuineness not only because I am a regular practitioner of the "Methods" with visible success but also because of the incredible feed back I get from former graduates who took the seminar years ago. Too, I am now receiving wonderful, positive feedback from my own graduates. My very important goal is to create a quality program and improve on it with every presentation by sharpening my skills and by continually updating and integrating new scientific developments and results into my material.

Starting some 60 years ago, Jose Silva developed his scientific research using his imagination and visualization, creating his "mind development methods", bringing them to humanity for the betterment of humanity, so that we may have fuller, richer, healthier and more peaceful lives in the body, mind and spirit.

It is also important to understand that whatever we do it has value attached to it. We have to recognize our own value first as we have to love and respect ourselves. I want to continue Jose Silva's vision as I ask myself: What is it that I can do not only to improve my own life on every level but also improve the lives of many people around me thus making a positive difference for humanity? The Silva Life System and Silva Intuition Training seminars are "value added" miracles that have been changing lives for decades.

Additionally, I now provide Coaching services for Individuals, Groups and Corporate clients. I have become a Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotist and I incorporate hypnosis into my Coaching practice. Too, now I am a Certified Hypnosis Instructor for certification by the National Guild of Hypnotists. I practice Regression Work, using the Dolores Cannon Method. In the summer of 2009 I became a Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP.

My journey continues. I seek wisdom and the blessings of the Universe every day of my life as I am truly grateful for all that has been given me.

Jose' Silva in 1997

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