SLS&SIT Programs
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The Silva Life System and Intuition Training Seminars
The tools you will learn and practice during the program and in your new life thereafter:
Alpha Functioning
Learn to function at the alpha brain wave level and experience the power of using both brain hemispheres instead of just one.
Learn relaxation techniques to relieve tension and stress, keeping you healthier and more productive than you have ever been before.
Positive Thinking / Mental Housekeeping
Positive thinking means thinking and talking about the things you want, rather than on the things you don't want. Positive thinking focuses on what to create. You will learn how to develop and maintain a positive mental attitude.
Recognize and work with your Limiting Beliefs
Beliefs are thoughts associated with experiences that have energy attached to them. These can be positive but many are negative beliefs, mostly present at the subjective level exerting tremendous impact on our lives.
Sleep Control
Learn to fall asleep without the help of drugs (and their undesirable side effects) and wake up feeling completely refreshed and rested.
To Awake Control
Learn to wake up without an alarm clock.
Awake Control
Learn to stay awake and be alert longer so that you can get more done when necessary.
Dream Control
Learn to remember dreams and tap into their information to solve problems.
Headache and Pain Control
Through headache control you will learn to relieve tension and migraine headaches without the use of drugs.
Mental Screen
Set and achieve your goals effectively and efficiently by projecting them on your mental screen.
Memory Pegs
Memory Pegs will help you to improve visualization, imagination and memory.
Three Fingers Technique
A trigger mechanism that can be used any time of the day that helps with studying, test-taking and material retention.
Mirror of the Mind
Learn to program yourself for success.
Hand Levitation
Learn to enter the theta brain wave level so you can correct problems that reside at these deep levels.
Glove Anesthesia
Learn to control pain and speed healing.
Glass of Water Technique
Learn to use the glass of water technique to help you make the right decisions.
Weight and Habit Control
Learn to get rid of bad habits, replace them with good habits.
Learn to develop your natural clairvoyant abilities by experiencing them in a group setting
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