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Relaxation is the most effective, natural remedy against stress, which is the major contributor to poor health and dysfunctional behavior.

Regularly and Privately Scheduled Presentations

Silva Life System Seminar

Silva Intuition Training Seminar
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“The Silva Method for Children” (More…)

Coaching Services that Incorporate:

  Private Hypnosis Sessions to help with:
  Weight Management, To become a Nonsmoker, Stress, Phobias, Health Problems, Pain Control, Enhancing Creativity, Self-Esteem & Motivation, Learning, Sports...
  Regression Work/Dolores Cannon Method
  Go to the most appropriate time and place to find information that can be applied to the present lifetime. Find the "purpose" of your life and answers to questions you always wanted to know.
  CERTIFIED AS A QUANTUM HEALING HYPNOSIS THERAPIST by Dolores Cannon, through the Vocational Institute of Florida

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Next to “sleeping” and “being awake” there is an important third mental state. It is being in the “state of mental relaxation”. According to research, only pure, positive changes take place in our bodies in the “state of mental relaxation”.

Substantial improvements occur in human organs, especially the brain, where oxygenation increases more so than in deep sleep. Arteries and veins dilate in this “State of mental relaxation”, thus blood supply to organs increase.

Cholesterol levels drop, that is, the relationship between good and bad cholesterol levels come into proper balance.

The blood’s endorphin level increases, which in turn increases the pain threshold and produces a feeling of pleasant well-being.

The brain produces more ALPHA WAVES, synchronized ALPHA WAVES that, according to research, promote regeneration of cells.

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