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Even as a young child in Hungary I always knew that I needed to be free in order to achieve my potential or partial potential. I dreamed of being free. I pretended to speak foreign languages as if I was a free foreigner. I have become and am still today a "freedom freak". Freedom was given to me when I entered the United States. I immediately knew that this was where I wanted to be and every sensor in my body, mind and spirit recognized that it was at the correct comfort level.

Once I finished high school I went to work on Wall Street and there I stayed for decades. I went to college at night and received a B.A. in Accounting and Financial Management. After my degree my firm started paying me better and by the time 2000 came about, I had successfully invested in mostly equities so the idea of leaving my career did not frighten me. In fact, in June of 2000, in the Utah Canyonlands I made a commitment to myself, witnessed by the Universe, that at the end of year 2000 I would leave my firm.

When I found out in August of 2000, that the firm was bought I certainly knew that the Heavens were on my side and at the same time I felt an overwhelming feeling of freedom and peace come over me. A few months later while on vacation in Hungary, my niece mentioned two interesting things to me. She had taken Reiki I and II and separately she attended a seminar called the "Silva Method" that comes from the United States.

I never heard of either but certainly became curious. I asked her where she took the Reiki class and would it be possible to call the woman who taught her and ask her to give me a private lesson. We called and the master gave me a date that oddly enough was open on my overcrowded calendar. We got there early in the morning and were told that this will be a whole day session. She spent the entire day with me, teaching, showing, and making me practice, on my niece of course. When she was done she told me that now she will have a ceremony to initiate me as a Reiki I practitioner. She asked me to sit in a large wooden high chair facing a small table that had two burning candles and a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. I closed my eyes and put my hands together as if praying as she started the ceremony.


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