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July, 2004
Utah Canyonlands
July, 2004
Utah Canyonlands with Colorado River
July, 2004
Utah Canyonlands with Colorado River
July, 2004
Sunrise at my Sacred Place

July, 2004 Sunrise

July, 2004 At my Sacred Place July, 2004 Sunrise

July, 2004 Sunrise

She was in our midst Empire of the Canyons Sunset Sunrise
The Total of our Questers "Louden," a man of wisdom and love. "Trebbe," Motivator of Spirit The last day of the Quest / Blissful Spirit
The beginning of the all-night thunderstorm The storm has started Double Rainbow Farewell in the park, Moab, Utah
  Music in the Park, Moab, Utah Sunrise Grand Canyon, AZ. Sunset, March 2004  


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