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What is the Silva Method of Mind Development and Motivational Training?

Those of you who took the seminar back in the 70s, 80s and 90s, know what it's about and that it has been taught to millions in the United States and worldwide.

The feedback from Silva “graduates? is thought provoking to say the least. These methods stay with people for the rest of their lives having made positive impressions and goal attainments with incredible life changes.

The basis of the Silva Method program is the learning of dynamic meditation and relaxation. Learning how to access the ALPHA level, the sleep level, with controlled awareness, meaning, being in ALPHA and being aware.

Our brain waves beat just like our hearts do. Brain activity is measured in cycles per second, CPS, and while we are in BETA, the conscious level, our brain operates at approximately 21 CPS, yet as we reach our sleep level ALPHA, it will slow to approximately 10 CPS, which is the point where we can learn to cross over to the side of the brain substantially less used.

Being “left brained? is encouraged by our society from birth, representing the objective, the logical, rational, analytical, verbal, etc. focus of attention while the “right brain? representing the subjective, the emotional, the heart, faith, compassion, intuitiveness, creativity, visualization, imagination, etc. focus of attention, may not get enough credit in a superficial world.

The Silva Methods are simple, practical tools with which you can learn to use both sides of your brain, thus allowing you to make major, positive life changes on every level of your life, physical, mental and spiritual.


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