BLS Program
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Please rate the course : What was your favorite part and why?

“My favorite part of the program was the Sleep Control technique. I am using this every night and it works!?R.H.

“The Three Fingers technique. It helps me with college and programming with this technique is important to me.?font color="#666666"> M.R.

“The 202 part is the most useful to me.?font color="#666666"> J.C.

“The course surpassed my expectations. I thought it was going to be more of a method in relaxation and meditation but it revealed to me how powerful the mind can be. My favorite part was the actual programming of the different techniques.? R.R.

“Hand Levitation and Glove Anesthesia were very good for me.? K.M.

“I learned new skills to reach deep inside myself for the purpose to heal myself and help others. Favorite parts: Learning exactly how to meditate, the Mirror meditation, Dream Work, the Alpha Wave sound was very soothing.?S.R.

“I felt very motivated, inspired, with better outlook on my life and with tools to deal with it. I liked the meditations with healing and ability to change my different situations.? E.R.

“Mental Housecleaning.?R.A.

“Creating a Laboratory and case working.?J.G.

“After the final session I was completely in awe of the information, training, sharing, etc.?/strong> B.A.

“Everything came back to me after 30 years! Material was better understood this time.?

“Re-designing lab and getting re-acquainted with Counselors.? E.D.

“The Metals ?Leaf exercise added much to my basic sense of how they affect the world.?S.P.

“It is difficult to pick one part. I will honestly have to say the entire course was excellent. All parts held my interest and opened my mind up as to the potential that exist within the course and us as individuals.?/strong> H.Q.

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