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She literally prayed over me, walked around me chanting in some ancient language and while she was doing this I found myself praying, asking the Universe that I may use what I just learned to benefit not only myself but anyone who would have a need for it.

When the master was done, I could hardly open my eyes and I felt like I was floating in the air not wanting to leave the state I was in. When I stood up, she was waiting for me in her living room and as I walked towards her my arms slightly opened by my side, I heard a crackling sound and a sound almost like opening an old door that has not been opened for ages. I felt these sounds down my arms and then heat started pouring out of the palms of my hands and it would not stop. I was shocked yet I was very, very happy and grateful to the Universe. When I went to bed that night, my hands were so hot that I had to leave them on top of the covers.

Second, my niece talked about the Silva Method and gave me the book written by Jose Silva, called "The Silva Mind Control Method" that I read in Hungarian and when I came back home to the States, after looking in several bookstores, I finally found the English version. I started looking for the seminar itself but could not find it, even on the Internet at the time. One day when I was in Nyack, New York and picked up some "new age literature" at the New Age Center I found an ad for the seminar. I signed up and did the three-day lecture in February of 2001. It had an enormous spiritual effect on me. I also realized that I have been in ALPHA many times in my life, and regularly since my Vision Quest.

What the Silva Method gave me is structure. By using the different "Methods," I am able to better organize my goals and achieve them. The basis of the Silva Method program is the learning of dynamic meditation and relaxation. Learning how to access the ALPHA level, our sleep level, with controlled awareness, meaning, being in ALPHA and being AWARE.

I was still working in New York City. Between October 2000 and September 2002 I was in charge of transition for the firm that acquired us.


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